The Singapore Mint: 2018 Year Of The Dog Chinese Almanac Coin Series

year of the dog gold coin

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I popped by The Singapore Mint’s roadshow at City Square Mall this week to collect my pre-ordered 2018 Year Of The Dog silver coins. 😀 On weekdays, the retail sales seem to be really weak but there was a constant stream of people coming to collect their pre-ordered items. And I think some of the freebies were very quickly fully redeemed!

Quiet on the retail front, brisk business over at pre-order collection:

Singapore Mint 2018 roadshow

If money is no issue (like if I’d won the recent $9.7m Toto draw), I’d get a couple of those gold medallions – they are so pretty!

2018 year of the dog gold coin


These are the silver coins I bought:

2018 Year Of The Dog silver coin

Singapore Mint year of the dog coins

And I like the free red packets as well. Asked the lady at the collection counter for them and she gave me 1 pack. Then told me that if I wanted one more, I could get them at the Redemption counter. 😀 So I did.

The Singapore Mint 2018 Red Packets (Ang Pow)

5 red ones and 5 gold ones in EACH pack of 10.


Were you born in the Year of the Dog? If so, you’re said to be honest, loyal, friendly and responsible. You’re also terribly stubborn, according to Is this accurate?! 😀