The Best of You exhibition at Marina Sq & Embroidery Workshop

I’m a sucker when it comes to picking up new skills. I love all things creative. And if it happens to come free, it’s even better. Heh. Thus, I found myself at Marina Square today, on a lazy Saturday, attending an embroidery workshop (for free) from 2pm to 4pm.

I can’t say it was as useful as I had expected. We were basically given the tools required and left alone to stitch something based on who or what brings out the best in us.

Here’s my creation:


It’s actually not me. It’s supposed to be SuperMom. I’ve always been impressed by women who seem capable of juggling so many things at one time and yet still “have it all together”.

So I stitched a house, milk bottle, fish, laptop, pot and a carrot too.

And oh… the bag is from Maku Store Singapore. It’s the only one in SG. :D Lovely sponsor I have, no? *If you’re a fan of my fb page, just show it on your mobile phone in store and get 15% off! :)

Also, I saw one lady stitch the word ‘hope’ in beautiful calligraphy-style. Thought-provoking. Hope brings out the best in her… what about you?

There are many exhibits to view at the Marina Square Central Atrium this weekend. And today we got to hear from Kumar. Michelle Chong will be sharing tomorrow so make your way down if you want to be inspired and entertained tomorrow! :)

Here’s one particular exhibit which caught my eye:


If I remember correctly, the artist was inspired by the people at home who put heart and soul into each meal.

And don’t you think that meals cooked with love are the best? :)

*The exhibition is brought to us by Julie’s – the biscuit manufacturer. You must have seen at least one of their many ads; at bus stops, mrt stations and in the papers. :D

Lee Kum Kee Menu-Oriented Sauce: Sauce for Ma Po Tofu

Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Ma Po Tofu

This is one sauce that I did not like, and this is one dish which did not take well to steaming. LOL.

I found the sauce incredibly salty, and much as I love tofu, I could not bring myself to eat more than one piece. (@_@)

I guess you’ll like this ma po tofu sauce if you like dishes which are very salty and spicy. It was just too much for me.


90g minced pork

250g soft bean curd

1 packet of Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Ma Po Tofu


“Stir-fry minced pork in 1-2 tbsp oil until done. Add soft bean curd and Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Ma Po Tofu. Stir well (gently). Cook over low heat until sauce thickens.”

This sauce can also be used for cooking beef, chicken and noodles.

It looked like some weird curry tofu mixture after I’d steamed it. Not too enjoyable. But next up… I’ll be blogging about the soup. :)

Lee Kum Kee Menu-Oriented Sauce: Sauce for Tomato Garlic Prawns

lee kum kee sauce for tomato garlic prawns

This is quite possibly my favorite sauce from the Lee Kum Kee Menu-Oriented Sauce range. I selected it mainly because I love eating prawns, but also because it doesn’t come with added MSG.

All you need are prawns and this packet of sauce to create this dish. Easy or what?

lee kum kee sauce for tomato garlic prawns

*Garlic and tomatoes purely for decorative purposes :D

According to the packet, you simply pan-fry the prawns with 2 tablespoons of oil until the prawns turn “golden yellow”, then lower the heat, add the sauce and stir well. Alternatively, stir-fry the prawns with 1 tablespoon of oil, add the sauce and stir it all up.

This sauce can also be used for cooking squid, beef and bell peppers.

As usual, I picked a healthier method of cooking, and steamed the prawns instead of frying them. Before adding the sauce, I removed the “gravy” that resulted from the steaming of the prawns, and added that yummy ‘prawn broth’ to the soup I was cooking.

After I added the sauce, I gave it all a good mix and then let it steam for another minute or two, and it was ready to be served.

According to the bf, this dish turned out to be “finger licking good!” :D

You should try it too! :D

lee kum kee sauce for tomato garlic prawns

Lee Kum Kee Menu-Oriented Sauce: Sauce for Teriyaki Chicken

Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Teriyaki Chicken

I bought the Lee Kum Kee Menu-Oriented Sauce for teriyaki chicken from NTUC as there’s a promotion going on right now: 3 packets for S$4.95. I also got the sauce for tomato garlic prawns and ma po tofu (will blog about them later).

Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Teriyaki Chicken

I added the packet of sauce to about 300g of chicken wings (middle joint), covered the bowl with cling wrap and let it all marinate in the chiller for about 3 hours. [This one packet is actually good for up to 400g of chicken wings]

*Why marinate? Because I don’t eat chicken skin (for health reasons), it is important that the flavors are infused into the meat. If you eat the chicken wings with the skin on, then you can cook the chicken immediately :)

On the pack, it is recommended to “Bring Lee Kum Kee Sauce For Teriyaki Chicken (72g) and 2/3 cup of water to the boil. Add chicken wings, cover and cook for 10 minutes until done”

However, I decided to steam them all on a bed of xiao bai chye for 20 mins. Why put the chicken wings on the veg? To avoid the condensation from ‘soaking’ the chicken in water and causing it to lose its flavor.

*Why choose to steam the chicken? I could leave it to cook with minimal supervision and I could concentrate on the other dishes, and even take a few phone calls. :D

Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Teriyaki Chicken

[ The Taste Test ]

The chicken wings were really fragrant and very flavorful. That umami (meaty, savoury) taste is likely due to the Disodium 5′-Inosinate and Disodium 5′-Guanylate. [Yes, I read the ingredients list before purchasing this]

This pack just takes the guesswork out of recipes. I did not have to measure out any soy sauce and what not. I simply emptied the packet of sauce onto the chicken, let it marinate, and then steamed it. Super easy! A kid could do this, really.

As stated on the pack, the sauce can also be used for cooking pork, scallops and carrots.

[NOTE] There is no MSG added, but this sauce not only contains sugar, but also has High Fructose Corn Syrup added.

[ What I Learnt from "Cooking" This ]

I should have used a brush to coat the chicken with the teriyaki sauce before steaming. Perhaps then there’d be a more even coloring of the end product. :D Hehe! There’s always next time!

Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Teriyaki Chicken

Pastor Joseph Prince’s reported “S$700,000″ Salary – How Much Should A Pastor Earn?

This article from Yahoo! News (here) has been all over my Facebook feed today. So, Pastor Joseph Prince has a reported net worth of S$6.3million?! It definitely raised many eyebrows, including mine. But come to think of it, he heads a mega church, and why shouldn’t his net worth be in the ‘mega’ category as well?

If I run a company with over 30,000 employees, what sort of salary should I reasonably be expected to draw?

And if I run a church with over 30,000 tithing members (and not employees whom I have to pay), what sort of salary should I reasonably be expected to receive?

And ok, the Pastor might have stopped drawing a salary from some time back, but it is of no surprise that his net worth should be at a certain level based on sales of items like books (which made it to the New York Times’ bestseller list), DVDs, CDs, etc.

Is There A Limit As To How Much A Pastor Should Prosper?

In the Bible, it is stated that “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

So why is it that when a pastor prospers, man makes noise?

I guess that as a nation, we have not only been let down by various charities and “leaders” who have sought to enrich themselves at the expense of their trusting followers, but also become wary of people who earn ‘obscene’ amounts of money.

I’ve read some comments on Facebook, including DJ Rosalyn Lee’s take:

Pastor Joseph Prince

It seems that there is a certain threshold that high income earners should be careful not to cross if they don’t want to get some backlash from the public. In the pastor’s case, it would be S$100,000.

I wonder though – if I have a pastor who earns more than any other pastor in this country (or region), does this not mean that he is truly a man of God and favored more than any other? Hmm… [Just to be clear on this point: I am not a member of his church and have not visited his church before either]

Pastors and Money

I guess we expect A LOT from religious folk. Even in modern society, we expect them to denounce certain things, with materialism and “obscene” amounts of money topping the list.

I guess it is why a book with a title like ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ would be most intriguing to many. We do not expect religious people to endorse these trappings of wealth.

Is it our own insecurity (tantamount to admittance to failure) about not being able to earn THIS MUCH that makes us want to ‘slam’ those who do? [Nope, don't tell me your answer. Just think about it]

And one other important question we have not asked is what he has done with all that money he has earned?

Has he given a portion away?

Has he reinvested this in the church?

Has he bought a Ferrari? Or two?

What is his lifestyle like?

It would be premature to slam a person based on a media report on how much he earns, or is worth without asking more questions first.

But I guess that if you are worth that much, and earn that much, you wouldn’t give two hoots about what people think either.

All I’m saying is that there’s no point being upset. If you want to be in his position and earn that much too, then go run a mega church and write best-selling books and what not.

Also, I can only imagine how much money it requires to upkeep his image. In photographs, he looks more like a pop idol or superstar than my notion of what a pastor looks like. In his shoes, you and I would probably need some work done to our faces, an expensive hairstylist, and swanky outfits. And all of these cost money. So there. Chill.

Money and the Church

I had a pretty bad experience as a kid in church. I remember vividly a day when a pastor asked for donations (perhaps for a building fund or something, I don’t remember). And when the takings fell short of the amount requested, he asked helpers to shut the doors and not allow people out while the bags were passed round again.

There was a mother who wanted to get out so she could secure some hot water for making milk for her infant. But she was told to stay inside till the collection was done.

As a young kid, I knew there was something not right about this. But I didn’t offer to stand up to the “bouncer” at the door.

Now I know that it is actually illegal to force someone to stay indoors against his/her will.

So, really, I don’t care how much pastors earn. If his books are really helpful to the people who buy them, and therefore make the bestseller lists, and earn him a sh*tload of money, good for him. He deserves every penny of it! If YOU think that you can write an equally good (if not better) book, and make the bestseller list too, then DO IT. I’ll be equally happy for you!

If people buy his CDs and DVDs because they are truly inspiring or motivational, and bring about changes and breakthroughs in their lives, then he deserves every cent he makes too! It cannot be that an ordinary singer can make it big and sell tonnes of CDs, and people still support her as a local songbird, but when a pastor does the same, he is condemned!

As long as the congregation is not forced (or encouraged) to buy a CD just to support a church leader (while not really liking any Cheeena Wine sort of songs*), and all is based on free will, then so be it.

*Disclaimer: No reference to any persons living or dead is intended.

If the pastor does indeed earn S$700,000 a year, or more, it is none of your business nor mine. Whether he earns this much or not has no impact on how much you and I earn. ;) If you’d like to earn a similar figure, you can consider doing what he does, or tell your child to aspire to be a pastor, maybe? After all, children are already being told to study law, medicine or accountancy as these careers pay well, aren’t they? Why not add ‘pastor’ to the list? At least we offer them more choices.

Interview with Shayna Toh – Composer/Lyricist/Author of ‘Firefly in the Light’ (Musical)

Shayna Toh

1) What inspired you to write and compose?

Writing has always been something present in my life, I guess – I was in Yamaha’s eight-year music composition course since I was six, and I’d always been writing – be it songs, poems, stories, or plays. I’ve attended various writing camps and workshops and I went through a playwriting mentorship when I was 14-15 years old, so the idea of combining writing and composing music seemed very natural to me.

Writing has also always remained so intriguing to me because of the wonder of bringing a whole new world previously only existing in your mind, to life. I’ve always thought about the idea of reversal of fates and writing “Firefly in the Light” has gotten me to develop and explore this concept, to a greater extent.

2) When did you write/compose “Firefly in the Light” and what are the messages you want to send out to young adults in Singapore?

I conceptualized my pop musical, “Firefly in the Light” sometime early this year and I’ve been working from March to September on the twelve songs. I did the script sometime in September. The message I want to convey through “Firefly in the Light” would be to always stay true to what you believe in, and to never forget who you are and where you came from.

3) How do you manage your time between school and your passion for music and theatre?

I try my best to manage my time but I’m still trying to figure that out, honestly. I’m in Junior College right now – school is really demanding, and sometimes papers or projects crop up that throw my schedule off, but I try to prioritize and focus on either “Firefly in the Light” or my schoolwork at different times. For example, a few weeks ago during my exam week in school, I focused on my studies, but now I’m back, finishing up the orchestrations and putting everything together.

4) How does your family support you through the challenges you face between school and your passion?

They have been very open about this idea of a musical, which I’m very grateful for, but also they have allowed our house to be turned topsy turvy! We use the house for rehearsals, given that this is an indie production. The dining table has recently been shifted out of the dining hall, which is now used as a rehearsal stage, and there are weird markings and taped arrows on the floor and my parents are okay with that, I think!

5) How do you see yourself contributing to Singapore’s art scene in the future and your hopes for Singapore’s arts community?

What I hope for are new musicals, which are Singapore originals in addition to the international productions that are constantly being brought in. Singapore’s arts community is becoming increasingly vibrant, and I would be honored to help contribute to it!

[Tickets available at Sistic at S$25 - Event date: 15 Nov, 8pm]


Book by Shayna Toh. Music and Lyrics by Shayna Toh.
Directed by Tabitha Loh.

Firefly In The Light, a new pop musical, tells the story of Wendy, a beautiful and talented teenage school-girl, who knows she is destined for great things. In her shadow, is her childhood “friend”, Jake, unassuming and insecure – who (finally) finds his strength in Wendy. Beckoned by the brightness of a future in a city thousands of miles away, Wendy leaves her small hometown to follow her dreams.

A protective mother, her elusive husband in the entertainment business, a shrewd artist manager, amidst adoring friends and fans alike – all wittingly or unwittingly direct the destinies of Wendy and Jake as they search for themselves, love and success, finding themselves treading on similar grounds but taking very different paths, not once but twice in their young lives.

With a collection of freshly minted songs ranging from rambunctious up-tempo pieces to soft ballads, this Musical, to be staged in the historic Chamber of The Arts House, promises the audience an intimate experience with the young, budding cast and musicians as they spin this tale of youthful hopes, discoveries and pain into an ending.

Shayna Toh, a seventeen-year old Junior College student, has been studying and composing music since she was six. With a love for theatre as well as pop music, she is also an avid writer, having had several stories published since 2008 and in 2013, a children’s book (on urban nature deficit) published.

Shayna made her first foray into the theatre scene at eleven, in 2008, when her script “Where Your Dream Takes You” directed by Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) Director, Michael Corbidge, was performed by actors from SRT and MediaCorp at the DBS Arts Centre.
“Firefly in the Light” is Shayna’s debut full-length pop musical.

Tabitha Loh, twenty-two, was first trained at ten, under The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Speech and Drama Program. Completing a year under LASALLE’s Performing Arts Foundation Course and a degree in Theatre and Performance, Tabitha has worked on assistant directorships including Peter Handke’s, Kaspar (2011) with director Natalie Hennedige, Fences (2012) an original opera by Dr John Sharpley and Robert Yeo, directed by Chandran K Lingam. She directed M. Lee’s Serangoon Sunset (2012) presented at the APB Drama Schools Festival, Taiwan.

CrowdFundHerLive! and the Benefits of Offline Crowdfunding


[Dr Julie Goldstein has been featured in an earlier interview here. In this 2nd interview, she shares about the exciting phenomenon of offline crowdfunding!]

1) Tell us more about Media Particle / Mothernist’s role in the CrowdFundHerLive! event and what was most memorable for you as a panelist?

Media Particle is a Singapore based company, that homes in on psychology-driven content media and services for the Web, and is Media Particle’s first vertical; a video platform that works as a resource for women and men, but mainly mothers aged 25-45 who lead busy lives, and want to feel integrated doing the things they love and being in their different roles with ease.

For CrowdFundHerLive! Integrated, I partnered with Woomentum, that runs an offline crowdfunding program, and suggested a themed session on motherhood and entrepreneurship. Media Particle/Mothernist’s role is always to promote online tools, in this case to facilitate lives of aspiring parents who want to venture into entrepreneurship, and feel more enabled to do so, no matter at what stage in their lives.

Woomentum believes that crowdfunding is a space in which women can play by their own rules; Mothernist feels aligned with this message and wanted to bring as much awareness as possible to different ways in which women can feel a sense of independence, belonging and empowerment, with the use of crowdfunding to promote business being one of them.

The second part of my role was to shed light on women feeling integrated when they are doing what they love, even though taking care of a household and children may feel overwhelming at times. Most importantly, Mothernist’s role entailed adding a psychological angle to the benefits of women in entrepreneurial roles. There has been a radio show on the WOW club with Michelle Martin in which I talk about this more extensively, and I added some insights on this being a panelist on the night itself.

Most memorable as a panelist was to see how different women engage in business, some do not smile and I took a lesson or two away. I also felt that seeing the candidates rise up to the challenges ‘live’, getting brand ambassadors, and raising funds was incredibly inspiring. It was such an honour to be among all the inspiring women that made up the night, including the crowd.

2) How does CrowdFundHerLive! work, and what are the benefits of participating in offline crowdfunding? 

The technicalities of the CrowdFundHerLive are part of Woomentum’s program, which is staged in phases to get a candidate ready to pitch their business. Not all businesses are crowdfundable, and so there’s a vetting process as well as a lead up to the event itself in which candidates receive guidance and input on their preparations. During the evening, candidates get support from the crowd, and there is a lot of interaction among all parties involved. The crowd gets an opportunity to pledge and show allegiance to a business.

Benefits of offline crowdfunding are the community feel, and the way the crowd is harnessed, that is not the same as campaigns which are run online. In addition, one cannot underestimate the more personal guidance candidates receive through the program which is experientially extremely rewarding.

3) What is psychological mediation and why is it important in business?

Psychological mediation simply put means to understand the relations between the variables. So to understand how an entrepreneurial business is run, one might ask several questions such as who are the key partners, what is the value proposition of the business, what are the customer segments, what is the cost structure, etc. The mediation part would be to understand how all these parts hang together, and how they relate to the person managing the business.

A business owner might be very passionate about her business, but have the relationship between customer segments and value proposition not entirely worked out because she is very creative and has not thought about the more practical approach to her products. It’s understanding the challenges and fitting them to the individual/entrepreneur and circumstances that matter in business, which set the stage for further growth.

Moreover, psychological mediation has played an important role in more corporate spaces with small innovative businesses, such as those coming out of the Hub Singapore. We are talking along the lines of having the psychological support to build on skills such as taking perspective, feel integrated and enabled to multi-task and work at various levels. Being an entrepreneur is extremely challenging and often likened to being on a roller coaster ride. As an entrepreneur, one needs to be able to stand strong, and weather the storms and multiple challenges of running one’s own business.

Find out more here:

4) There is an increasing number of Mumpreneurs in Singapore – which are the most pressing challenges these women face in their entrepreneurship journey and what are some useful tips you have for them? 

An increasing number but sadly not enough of them yet! A lot of women do not feel enabled to start their own business, either because of funds, comfort, and the feeling of conflict between their multiple roles, when for instance child rearing may be suggested to be the most important task, and all else should be put aside. There needs to be strong push or pull factors involved, and strong emancipation for women to step into entrepreneurship. By push factors I mean being unemployed or unsatisfied with work conditions and by pull factors I mean the desire to be your own boss, financial benefits, or the desire to achieve a better work-life balance. Such factors can be strong influencers.

The challenges that women face are the interrole conflict that Mothernist often talks about, meaning that there are incompatible or conflicting pressures from work and family, such as job-family role strain, work-family interference, and work-non-work role conflict. Second would be the myths that women have to combat, such as that women are still often seen as not wanting to own a high growth businesses, or as not having the right educational backgrounds, not being able to draw up business plans, and their interests not being attractive to venture capitalists. Third is the access to capital to start a new business.

Tips are to take support that’s out there to start a business. Understand your motivations from the start, and then move slowly, become a member of a community of like-minded people, there are plenty of co-working spaces in Singapore that are not costly, and where you get coaching and mentoring included in your package, find organizations and support groups that can help you network, grow your business, and support your womanhood and motherhood all at the same time.

Find a therapist who can help you in the domain of work, I have personally helped women get to where they want to be, and I find its a journey that they have been happy to take, despite the challenges. Work on resilience and integration, and build yourself up (just as you would your business or your family) by taking small steps in the right direction. Last, and particularly for those women who want to be ‘superwomen’ – success is the exception that confirms failure; don’t be scared to fail, you will if you want to be successful.

5) How else is Mothernist enabling women in the working world?

Mothernist is a video platform and resource where women can find short videos and articles, as well as events and workshops on various topics in the domain of work, and work-life integration. [Example of a video on Mothernist: Breathing Technique to Relieve Stress at Work]

Mothernist has also expanded on its services, and is offering online and offline psychology and therapy services at No7 Grange Road (Somerset), working in synergy with Fertility Coaching Asia. Please visit the website or write in from for further info.


‘Top Gemstones for Investment’ – A Workshop by Hiranya Tangsubkul

Top Gemstones for Investment

Last weekend, I attended the ‘Top Gemstones for Investment’ workshop, which was held ahead of the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014 (happening on 23rd – 26th October at Marina Bay Sands). At this insightful workshop, Ms Hiranya Tangsubkul from Thailand shared with us valuable tips regarding investing in these precious gemstones. Anya (as she is more fondly known) is the Head of Design and Business Development at ABC Jewellery & TREZ Jewellery (Thailand), and author of Diamond & Gemstone and Gemstones Handbook.

I also got to speak with her after the workshop and find out which pieces she holds close to her heart:

Grace and Anya

One piece of jewellery which never fails to make her smile is her engagement ring:

Anya's ring


At this workshop, Anya was candid about how gemstone jewellery offers a type of “wearable investment” but has a limited number of trading markets, poor liquidity and also requires a fair amount of experience to trade profitably.

Hence, here is your crash course on investing in gemstones…


3 Things To Keep In Mind When Investing In Gemstones:

1) Constantly refresh your gemstone market knowledge, at trade shows for instance.

2) Get a matching pair (e.g. earrings and bracelet) for better resale value. Build value through strategic purchasing and jewellery setting.

3) Know that this is a long-term investment which could span 5 years or more, and sometimes extend to beyond one generation.


What Does Gemstone Investment Entail?

1) Investors keep jewellery in case other investments fail. If it is necessary, he will let go of the lower quality piece first.

2) Prize quality over quantity.

3) Be patient. Only buy if you can find top quality gemstones at reasonable prices, e.g. if there is a new mine find.

4) Professional setting of the stones can make it more valuable.

5) Take care not to put pieces next to one another to prevent scratches.

6) Don’t expect to resell at retail price unless you sell to the end consumer or auction houses. Jewellers have to get their cut.


Top 3 Gemstones For Serious Investors:
*Tip: Don’t buy colorless diamonds now because prices have been fluctuating and because of the incidence of synthetic diamonds, which can be made in any size and quality!

1) Blue and Pink Diamonds

2) Rubies – If you can get top quality rubies for a good price, go ahead and buy. *Those which are larger in size are usually of lower quality.

3) Emeralds


The Top 3 Heirloom Gemstones:

1) Blue Sapphire

2) Colored sapphire: *Pink Sapphire can be purchased at lower prices outside the auction house

3) Garnet


General Questions To Ask When Buying Gemstones:
1) Has it been treated? Is the treatment permanent?

2) How do I take care of this piece?

3) Where is it from?

Anya shared with us about her Aquamarine Gemstone purchase story. She bought 30 stones from a person she has been trading with for a very long time – issued him a cheque and all. But she later found out that those were not gemstones; they were made of glass. Moral of her story: Look at the stone, then the certificate, and see if they match. If you have any doubt at all, don’t go for it.


Final Tips:

Go for quality, not quantity.

Jewellery with a nice design and a beautiful name tend to get sold faster.

Jewellery setting is important, e.g. the surrounding stones must make the center stone look nicer.

{ 2 Samples From The Workshop }

Blue Sapphire

28.26carat Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka

Retail Price: S$560,000 – S$580,000


9.17 carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring: S$380,000

Find these pieces and more at the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014 (23rd – 26th October at Marina Bay Sands), which will showcase over 2 billion dollars worth of gemstones and jewellery! Fashion jewellery and synthetic diamonds are rejected, so you are ensured of quality here. There is also the GIT on-site laboratory service, to give you peace of mind, and workshops to attend so you can learn more about GIA and GIT certification.

*Tip: Put the gemstones side-by-side under the same lighting when you are making comparisons.

For more information:

Organic Gluten & Wheat Free Pancakes at Real Food


Felt like having banana pancakes for breakfast on Sunday, so I did. My love for banana pancakes goes way back to the time I was in kindergarten.

The kindergarten cook made the most delicious banana pancakes, which I devoured during teatime on those days when it was on the menu.

I have yet to find banana pancakes as good as those she made from anywhere else. :(

Anyhow, those from Real Food are organic on top of being wheat and gluten free (don’t they mean the same thing?)

The pancake is at least 1cm thick and quite fluffy. However, there are only 4 miserable slices of banana on top.

There is just a small amount of jam yet the tartness of the jam is very refreshing and I wished there was more of it!

The small chunk of warm banana in the middle came as a surprise.

Overall, I think it was good enough, as a gluten free pancake. But I won’t order it again, when there are better pancakes elsewhere. :D

*This place is my fav for noodles though. Their fried vermicelli and dumpling noodles (dry) are both very good. Ask for the chilli too. ;)


Original Pancakes: Organic gluten and wheat free fluffy pancakes with banana, organic fruit jam and agave. Waiting time is at least 15 minutes.

{ Real Food at Killiney }

Adidas-Inspired Photoshoot with Maku Store Singapore Backpack :D

Maku Store Singapore

I got inspired by an Adidas campaign on my recent trip to Thailand. So I came back and went for this photoshoot on a whim. The backpack is from Maku Store Singapore. It was what I brought with me to Bangkok for my shopping trip. :)

It’s super roomy, with two side pockets for waterbottles and/or a foldable umbrella. In this next picture, you see my 1-litre Nalgene waterbottle, which doesn’t usually fit into many side pockets of backpacks ‘cos of its size. No trouble here; fits snugly and doesn’t fall out even during a jumpshot:

Maku Store Singapore

I’d initially thought the design was rather awkward: what’s that topmost compartment for? Then I realized the sheer genius behind it.

With backpacks, it is usually a hassle to unbuckle it all and release the straps before you can reach your passport, sunglasses, tissues, notebook, etc. But I can put all these into the topmost compartment and get them out any time I want! It’s spacious and just one zip separates me from what I want to get out of my backpack.

Maku Store Singapore

Check out Maku Store at #03-20 Bugis Junction for backpacks, wallets, totes, handbags, tees, luggage, and more! *Get 15% discount by showing that you are a fan of my facebook page!

[Lots of thanks to my dear photographer friend, Max Clyne, from Max Clyne At Work Pte Ltd, for braving the rain and lightning for this photoshoot! You're the most professional, talented and obliging photographer I know! I promise not to put your life in similar danger again! :D]